Litigation / Dispute Resoltion

Historically the resolution of disputes involved legal action through court proceedings, which is known as litigation. These days there are several different processes, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

Contact us for assistance in any of these processes involving commercial or property related disputes.

We also do opinion work in respect of commercial disputes, including the interpretation of business transactions, contracts, and property matters as well as the interpretation and application of the South African law and legislation.


Notarial Services

We provide notarial services including the authentication of signatures, certifying the authenticity of copies, and the drafting and conclusion of certain documents and agreements such as antenuptial contracts.  

Contact us for more information and pricing in respect of these services.


Insurance / Financial Services Advice

It is crucial to understand exactly what cover your insurance policy provides, whether it is a standard short-term insurance policy in respect of your car or household contents or a Directors and Officers’ insurance policy, as well as understand the process and timing for the lodging of a claim against the insurer.

Contact us for assistance and advice in respect of the interpretation of insurance policies as well as the claims process.

Our insurance expertise also include advice to clients in the financial services industry, particularly assistance in any dealings with regulatory bodies such as the Financial Services Board.


We provide assistance with all conveyancing matters as well as advice in respect of all other property related matters such as residential and commercial lease agreements, rental disputes and evictions, sale agreements and disputes in respect thereof, as well as estate agent mandates and disputes regarding agent’s commission.